Wedding Photography & Videography

About Aidan


Various behind the scenes photos + that one time we got to shoot in the Rogers Centre. Message me if you want to see the photos - for legal reasons I can’t share them publicly haha (seriously tho)

Hey! I’m Aidan Hennebry;

a wedding photographer and videographer from Hamilton, Ontario.

I’m incredibly passionate about capturing the ‘hushed’ moments between two people madly in love. Whether we’re in a back alley or on a stage in front of all of your family and friends, I’m aiming to capture your connection in an authentic and interesting way.

My work is the product of a multitude of inspirations; other photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters. You name it. I’m always learning and experimenting in order to push my talents further and better bring my couples’ personalities out in the work I create.

On a personal note, I’m a proud follower of Jesus Christ, proud husband to my darling wife Leanne, and proud father to my son Leo. Despite being proud of these 3 things, I eagerly fight the tendency to be prideful of much else.

Long story short: I love what I do. Like, really, really love it. I am an emphatic advocate for the power of a photo or film’s ability to freeze a moment in time and let you keep it, forever. I hope my work resonates with you.