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Fun, Colourful Wedding Films

One-of-a-kind, fun, dance-worthy wedding films. Everything from your Wedding Film, your vows, a full-length documentary, speeches, and more!

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Fun + Colourful Wedding Films

2020 + 2021 Weddings


Wedding videography packages are notoriously confusing because they vary so much from one to another. As a result, I’ve kept everything as simple and straight-forward as possible.


Signature Wedding Film Collection


Wedding Film

3-4 mins

Breathtaking, fun, upbeat recap of your whole day

Set to a licensed song, the wedding film is interesting, creative, and perfect for sharing online and watching again and again.

Vow Reel

2-4 Mins

A heart-racing and beautiful film based around your vows

A film no other videographer in the world offers, your vow reel captures a love-letter to each other in a beautiful film.

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30+ mins

Every speech at your reception in its entirety, untouched

A lot of time and effort goes into crafting the perfect speech, so get to re-live those words exactly as they happened

The Signature Wedding Film Collection also includes:

  • 10 Hours of coverage by Aidan

  • Pre-wedding Planning Meeting

  • Unlimited ability to ask questions/get a second opinion/get advice

  • Online access to all films for 1 year from wedding date

  • All relevant sharing and distribution rights

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Hey! I’m Aidan;

the guy behind Hush Hush Photography & Film.

Wedding films are honestly one of the highlights of my working life.

My goal as a videographer is to get to know the two of you really well so that I can bring your personalities to life in the work I create. Super goofy couple? Great. Expect your film to be as fun and crazy as you. Love to dance? Prepare yourself! Big fan of each other? Lots of mushiness coming your way.

Outside of weddings, I love being a husband to Leanne, a father to Leo (and one more on the way!), and a neighbour in my city of Hamilton.

Shawarma might just be my favourite food in all of existence and you can ask me about my old-movie hobby as I work through a list of classics. I don’t know much about cars but hand me a guitar and I could play you a song.





20-40 mins

An extended, in-depth look at your entire wedding from start to finish

For the absolute maximum experience, a Documentary will take you through each section of your wedding day in a beautiful, cohesive manner. With a little background music to tie the whole thing together alongside snippets of your ceremony vows and soundbites from reception speeches, this is perfect for the couples who want everything.

+ 800

Social Media Snippets

+ 300

These five individual 15-30 second vignettes of your day capture a special moment perfect for sharing online in little pieces.

+2 Hours of Coverage

+ 400

If you’re looking for a little extra coverage either in the morning or during the dancing, I can do that!

4K Resolution

+ 1500

The ultimate future-proofing. Extra resolution just means your film might age better in the long run.



You do your homework! I dig it. Here are a few of the logistics of what it’s like to work with me on your big day.


My couples tend to be joyful, crazy-in-love, upbeat people who don’t take life too seriously. Killer! I’m the same way. Here are the big reasons those couples choose me:

  1. I try to go above and beyond in everything I do. Questions? You’re going to get a detailed response. Advice? I’ve got plenty. Interesting films? I’m going to push the limits every time I pick up a camera. My work doesn’t stagnate because I’m constantly learning and trying something new.

  2. I have the world’s coolest hobby (typewriters).

  3. My work is how I see the world: lots of colour, lots of fun, and lots of life. While being deep and serious has its place, I lean on showcasing the happiness and good vibes of your day more than the dark brooding tone some videographers prefer to aim for.

  4. I’m dedicated to the two of you. How do I put my money where my mouth is on that one? I take on less than 20 weddings annually so that I can be available for you guys and not so overwhelmed with work. I’d rather make a little less money annually then be burnt out and unable to give you the best experience.


Yes, we definitely will sign a contract together when you decide to bring me onboard your big day. This isn’t a one-sided, dense, legal-jargon filled rip-off, but it’s a really detailed account of exactly what working together entails for both of us. You guys will have every aspect of the work I’m guaranteeing you outlined in full so that we can all rest assured we’re going to have a good time.


While I do offer flexibility on how you’d like to pay the total sum of your collection, the standard payment plan involves taking that number and chopping it into roughly 4 equal, manageable chunks.

  1. 25% of total invoice - Due at the time of booking alongside your contract

  2. 25% of total invoice - Due 6 months before your wedding date

  3. 25% of total invoice - Due 2 weeks before your wedding date

  4. 25% of total invoice - Due after the wedding when your films are finished + being returned to you

As for how you pay, I accept credit card and eTransfer (preferred when possible).


In my contract, I put in a maximum of 3 months from your wedding date when you’ll get confirmation your films are finished up and ready for you to check out. That being said, I always do my best to get everything done faster and would say the average turn-around is only 2 months.

You will get all of your films back at once, so you don’t need to worry about seeing one film now and another a couple more months after.


Everything is done online for maximum convenience. When that final payment has been made, I send you guys the link to your films page where you are able to view, share, and download each and every film you’ve hired me for. See below for a few examples of other couples’ finished products.


Too legit to quit (Hot Rod, anyone?)!

In all seriousness, absolutely. I’ve been fully self-employed with Hush Hush for more than 2 years now (having been shooting weddings for more than 6). I’ve got all relevant business insurance (happy to provide proof if one of your vendors needs it) and have to charge HST as a result of my legit-ness.


Yes, of course! Check out these three couples’ wedding film pages to see exactly what the final product looks like. Click on the photo to be brought to their gallery page

Brett & Andrea

Standard Collection (four films)
+ Social Media Snippets

Scott & Katie

Standard Collection (four films)
+ Social Media Snippets

Aaron & Grace

Lite Collection (two films)
+ Social Media Snippets


Next Steps

Hopefully you like everything you’ve learned so far! If you’re seriously considering working with me for your big day, the next step is to get together and chat——whether that’s over coffee or the phone.

Simply let me know and we will set something up!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check all of this out. I can’t wait to learn more about your big day.