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Wedding Videography - Nautical Studios Special

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2019 Wedding Films Special Promo

Nautical Studios Exclusive


Nick Parry of Nautical Studios is a swell and talented guy. You probably feel the same——you hired him!

I love getting to partner with Nick during our wedding season and that’s why I’m offering this super awesome discounted wedding videography collection exclusively to Nautical Studios couples.


The Collection

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Only $1700+hst

45% off! (Regularly $3700+hst)

  • 10 Hours of coverage by Aidan of Hush Hush

  • Signature 3-4 minute Wedding Film

  • 20-30 minute Documentary of the whole day

  • Speeches Film of every speech at reception

  • Online gallery access to all your films for 1 year

  • All relevant sharing and distribution rights

  • Memories your grandkids will get to re-live


The Films

Signature Wedding Film

The most vivid way to remember your day. This film isn’t so much what your day looks like as what it felt like; a 3-4 minute vignette containing all the emotion from the day to re-live again and again. A fun and lively retelling of your wedding that packs an emotional punch.


Documentary Edit

The most-detailed look at your whole day. This mixture of cinematic and candid moments provides a raw recollection of both the big and little snippets that make up the happiest day of your life. Weighing in at 20-30 minutes in length, this film is the real deal.


Speeches Film

Besides your vows, the speeches people share about you are some of the most precious words you can hear on your big day. Every single word of these beautiful——and often hysterical——monologues from your reception are captured in full. Only lightly colour-corrected but otherwise left completely untouched.


Optional Add-On:

Vow Reel - $500

Something no other videographer anywhere offers.

Your vows, whether written for your ceremony or in the form of a letter on the morning-of, are some of the most beautiful declarations you can make to each other.

A Vow Reel holds onto these precious words in a capsule that will remind you just how deep your love is.


Other Add-Ons

Social Media Snippets

These five individual 15-30 second vignettes of your day capture a special moment perfect for sharing online in little pieces.


+2 Hours of Coverage

If you’re looking for a little extra coverage either in the morning or during the dancing, I can do that!


4K Film Upgrade

The ultimate future-proofing. Extra resolution just means your film might age better in the long run.



What makes a Hush Hush wedding film different?

Tim & Sandra's Wedding at the Hamilton Waterfront Centre Ontario Aidan Hennebry of Hush Hush Photography & Film Wedding Videographer toronto.jpg

If you watch enough wedding films from various videographers out there, you’ll often find their films are slow, deep, and ultra-serious. While I love and appreciate that approach to filmmaking, it’s just not the one I take.

My films are intentionally bright, punchy, colourful, and fast-paced. Weddings——at least the ones I shoot——are not quiet and sombre affairs. They are loud, fun, massive celebrations of two people deep enough in love to hitch their wagons together until death do them part.

As a result, I want my films to give you that same rush of blood to the head (or heart) that you felt on your wedding day.

Alex & Michelle's Engagement Aidan Hennebry Hush Hush Photography & Film Wedding Videographer Hamilton Ontario.jpg

Why Specialize in Short Films?

I emphatically believe shorter films are more interesting and get watched more. My films are known for their emotion and passion; where a longer film doesn’t always hold the same weight. I play to my strengths and inject every film I shoot with creativity and ‘something different’.


Want to learn more?

Awesome! Shoot me a message using my contact form and I’ll send you a bit more info about the logistics of working with me. I can’t wait to get to know you guys!