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Wedding Photography & Film Pricing

2020 Weddings


Both photography & videography have something unique that we love in the way they capture your day. That’s why Hush Hush offers both!

This collection reflects the absolute best-of-the-best you can get here. After more than 6 years of refinement, we think we’ve finally created the ultimate combo photo & video offering.


The Photo + Film Collection is $6400+hst

This is, essentially, our Photography Collection + Four Film Collection at a combined discounted rate, with a few extra perks. (*Four Film Collection is: Wedding Film, Vow Reel, Documentary + Speeches)

At a glance, this collection comes with:

  • 2 Shooters on your wedding day (Aidan & Leanne)

  • An included Engagement Session prior to the wedding

  • A Pre-Wedding Planning Meeting to work out the timeline of your day

  • 10-hours of coverage with the option to add more if needed

  • Our signature 3-4 minute Hush Hush Wedding Film

  • A super intimate Vow Reel that captures you professing your love for each other

  • A 30-minute Documentary of your entire wedding

  • All of your speeches from your reception, uncut

If you haven’t yet, check out the individual collections so you can learn about everything that goes into the combined photo + film collection:

Learn about the Photography Collection

Learn about the Wedding Film Collection


Why do couples go with Hush Hush?

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2 Shooters

When shooting both photo + film, you get both of us (Aidan & Leanne) to document your wedding. We are two people doing the work of four, as we both capture photos + video, adding that much more to your coverage all day.

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Dialled-In Strengths

The two of us work really well together on your big day. After more almost seven years of shooting, we know what our strengths are and play to them to bring out the best we can in your photos + films.

We bounce off-each other, taking turns setting up shots and directing you guys through the big day. Once we get going, we end up creating a totally different shot based on the other’s idea. It’s a super cool thing that can only happen with years of working side by side.

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It’s cheaper!

This collection means you’re only paying an average of $3200 for each service Hush Hush offers. While there’s no bottom line to how little you can pay someone to show up at your wedding, I think this is a pretty fantastic rate for the calibre of work Hush Hush is known for.

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Your Photos + Films are edited the same way

Something you might not think about: aesthetically / stylistically, your end products (photos and films) will go together——like really, really well. Instead of running the risk of hiring a photographer with a really bright and airy style and a videographer with a dark and moody approach (for example), you know that the tone of your wedding day will be the same across the board.

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Less back and forth

It’s one less person (or group of people) to have to be in contact with and working out details with about your wedding. Because we do both your photos + your video (and because of our pre-wedding planning meeting), we both know everything we need which saves you time and headache in updating yet another vendor.

Please note: If this collection is super appealing but you don't need quite as much video coverage, let us know and we can discuss a custom quote with one of our other videography options.


Answers to some common questions


Everything we talk about is outlined and sealed in a formal contract which we have you guys to sign online before everything becomes official. The contract is not a one-sided sketchy document that only guarantees we get money. Our contract also protects YOU guys, by outlining details such as the photos and film products we guarantee you, when we guarantee them by, and what happens if something were to ever go wrong.


Most of the time, if you’re just going with the standard photo + video collection and not adding on any hours / albums / extras, your payment is broken down into 3 digestible chunks:

  1. $2200+hst - Due at the time of booking alongside your contract

  2. $2200+hst - Due 2 weeks before your wedding date

  3. $2100+hst - Due after the wedding when your photos and films are finished + being returned to you

I accept credit card and eTransfer (preferred when possible).


We guarantee a minimum of 600 photos from your wedding day. The average is probably closer to 750 but it’s entirely dependent on how dense your day is; not the number of hours we’re there. Bottom line: you’ll get more photos than you’ll know what to do with!

For engagements, I guarantee a minimum of 75 photos and average about 100.


Everything is done online for maximum convenience and speed.

All of your photos are delivered through an online gallery where you can view, share, and download your photos. Because we’re adamant about giving you the best possible quality photos, we return 2 copies: a HighRes (full, massive, uncompressed files for printing) and an Express version (web-friendly files suitable for sharing online).

Similarly, your films are delivered through a personalized, private webpage where you then view, share, and download all of your films. It’s highly suggested you back up all of the content we give you on a local external hard drive, and even make a backup copy online (Google Drive gives you a free 15GB of storage which should be more than enough for everything you get back from Hush Hush).


Too legit to quit (Hot Rod, anyone?).

In all seriousness, absolutely. Aidan has been fully self-employed with Hush Hush for more than 2 years now (having been shooting weddings for more than 6). We’ve also got all the relevant business insurance (happy to provide proof if one of your vendors needs it) and have to charge HST as a result of our legit-ness.


You betcha! The proof is in the pudding, so they say. Click on any of the links below to see a full photo collection (wedding and engagement) of every photo the couple got back.

Chris & Heather

Password (no caps): hyde

Eli & Michelle

Password (no caps): scott

Mike & Allison

Password (no caps): lloy


Yes, of course! Check out these three couples’ wedding film pages to see exactly what the final product looks like. Click on the photo to be brought to their gallery page


Brett & Andrea

Standard Collection (four films)
+ Social Media Snippets


Scott & Katie

Standard Collection (four films)
+ Social Media Snippets


Aaron & Grace

Lite Collection (two films)
+ Social Media Snippets


Next Steps

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Dig these collections? Great!

Reply to the email from me that led you here to arrange a time with me to chat on the phone or to get together for a cup of coffee (my treat)! I’ll give you some more information and answer any questions you have about anything. I’m an open book!

We are looking forward to working with you two!

Aidan & Leanne