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10 hours of wedding day coverage, an included engagement session, 600 or more photos, and a pre-wedding planning meeting. Everything you could need for your big day!

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Photography Pricing

2019 & 2020 Weddings


Year after year, photographers tend to make tiny tweaks to their packages, but 2019 marks the beginning of some massive changes for Hush Hush. Since beginning in 2012, a lot has changed over the seasons, and the coming years are no different.

Everything has been rebuilt from the ground-up after spending months asking myself “How can I do more to help couples create the best possible wedding and wedding photos?

The result is this collection. There are a number of components no other photographers offer that I think are going to elevate everything about your day. I hope my work resonates with you and you like what you find!


The Wedding Photography Collection

My Standard Collection is $3650+hst

and includes:

  • 10 hours of coverage by Aidan

  • An engagement session prior to the wedding

  • Pre-wedding timeline meeting where we hammer out the perfect day

  • 2 Softcover portrait books to recollect your engagement + wedding portrait session

  • Minimum 600 photos from your wedding day (avg. 750), Minimum 75 engagement photos (avg. 100)

  • Online gallery of all photos for 1 year from your wedding date

  • Unrestricted right to share photos with family and friends

  • 3 payment structure for total invoice

Please note: If this collection is a little out of your price range, let me know! There are ways we can remove components to make it more affordable if you love my work but are working within a tighter budget.



So you’re strongly considering working with me. Great! Here’s some more info you might want to know more about (much of which I will explain again when we get together for coffee).


There are a couple common reasons people tend to choose me over other photographers out there. Here are the big 4 that usually do it for people:

  1. I’m committed to getting to know you. This is why I insist on coffee before you sign me and I also include an engagement session as standard. It’s important we build a comfort and trust with the camera between us!

  2. My timeline planning meeting. This is (likely) your first wedding, and even though your cousin / best friend / mom might be helping you, there’s just some things you want an expert’s opinion on. That’s where this timeline meeting really comes in. I’m happy to help you make big decisions.

  3. I’m a dog person. No explanation required.

  4. I’ve got time for you because I take on less than 20 weddings a year. Some photographers take on 40 or more annually. I just don’t like the dynamic shooting that many weddings would create with my couples. I’d rather make a little less money and be better at what I do than cut corners to make a buck.


Everything we discuss is outlined and sealed in a formal contract which I get you guys to sign online before we become official. My contract is not a one-sided sketchy document that only guarantees I get money. My contract also protects YOU guys, by outlining details such as the photos I guarantee you, when I guarantee them by, and what happens if something were to ever go wrong.


Most of the time, if you’re just going with my standard wedding photography collection and not adding on any hours / albums / second shooters, I break down your payments into 3 digestible chunks:

  1. $1200+hst - Due at the time of booking alongside your contract

  2. $1250+hst - Due 2 weeks before your wedding date

  3. $1200+hst - Due after the wedding when your photos are finished + being returned to you

I accept credit card and eTransfer (preferred when possible).


I guarantee a minimum of 600 photos from your wedding day. My average is probably closer to 750 but it’s entirely dependent on how dense your day is; not the number of hours I’m there. Bottom line: more photos than you’ll know what to do with!

For engagements, I guarantee a minimum of 75 photos and average about 100.


I deliver all of your photos through an online gallery where you can view, share, and download your photos. Because I am adamant about giving you the best possible quality photos, I return 2 copies: a HighRes (full, massive, uncompressed files for printing) and an Express version (web-friendly files suitable for sharing online).


Yes sirree! I’ve been fully self-employed for over 2 years now while Hush Hush has already been shooting weddings since 2012. I’ve got all the business insurance a photographer needs (happy to provide proof), and I do have to charge HST due to the fact that this is a real business.


You betcha! The proof is in the pudding, so they say. Click on any of the links below to see a full photo collection (wedding and engagement) of every photo the couple got back.

Chris & Heather

Password (no caps): hyde

Eli & Michelle

Password (no caps): scott

Mike & Allison

Password (no caps): lloy

Note: These weddings had upgraded to have a second shooter on their big day. That being said, with enough planning and foresight, the same results can be had with just one shooter.

Next Steps

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Dig these collections? Great!

Reply to the email from me that led you here to arrange a time with me to chat on the phone or to get together for a cup of coffee (my treat)! I’ll give you some more information and answer any questions you have about anything. I’m an open book!

I look forward to working with you two!