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Why we give stuff away for free

Photography has always given us more than we can say in a few short paragraphs. Taking pictures was the excuse we used to start dating. Starting our business in 2012 when we shot a friend’s wedding was the start of something much bigger than we could’ve expected.

Throughout college, photography was a great side-income. While working a full-time job in Toronto, our photography business was how we saved up the downpayment for our first home.

After that, photography quickly became my sole income when I quit that job and went full-time with Hush Hush back in September of 2016.

When we were making that transition, we reflected on just how much photography had given us, and how much more we were hoping it would in the then-future.

But to chalk it up to “photography” or “the universe” as the provider of all we’d been given would be unfair. We fully believe it was God that had answered our countless prayers to have kept us afloat and provided the business for us all this time.

Now, if you’re not a spiritual person and you’re about to tune out (or close the tab), I ask you to bear with me just a minute longer. I’ll try not to ramble.

The moral of the story here is: we’ve been given so many opportunities because of this business. Most remarkably: an income that puts food on the table and allows our little family to grow in a city we love.

As Christians, we believe it’s our call to live a life of generosity. One of our favourite ways to be generous is to give things away without asking for compensation or reward.

The promises Jesus makes us are free and open to everyone. They cannot be earned. They cannot be revoked. But we do have to respond in order to receive them. A passive morality is not enough.

It’s easy to look at life in terms of accomplishments. The number of bedrooms in your house or the number on the dotted line of your paycheque. But we believe life’s most important things are a little more human and a lot less material than that.

We give things away because we believe we’ve been given the greatest gift of a new life in Jesus Christ.

Ok ok ok but PRACTICALLY, what does that super-Christian-barf sentence even mean?

For us, it means:

  • We don’t find our sense of worth in most things in daily life

  • We don’t believe money is the most important measure of a person’s success

  • We don’t believe people should get what they deserve (or only what they deserve)

  • We aim to be more generous with our time, money, effort, and love

  • We aim to forgive people that wrong us, even when that feels impossible

  • We aim to constantly correct; to try to become more like the Jesus we read about in the Bible

  • We believe we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves

So when it comes to our business, we often try to take a bit of a different approach to running it, and instead of always asking “Where can we squeeze a few extra dollars out of all of this?”, we do our best to first ask “Where can we be more generous with all of this?”, which is what has led you to reading this very page.

Don’t get us wrong, Hush Hush is still a business. We still need money to pay our bills and put food in our bellies. If there was a way we could work for free all year and crowd-fund a salary, we’d do it (this is actually something I dream about regularly so if you have any ideas how to make it happen let me know!).

The bottom line is: We believe emphatically we’ve been given SO MUCH from Jesus through our business, and it is literally our favourite thing in the world to give that back to our friends, family, community, and strangers whenever we can.

If you’re reading this and thinking we’re some pretty cool people as a result of it, we take none of the credit. We pass that all on to God above who came into our lives in very personal ways and has spent years and years changing us from the inside out.

We’re saying all of this from a fairly privileged place. We’ve got enough of the standard-definition of “success” to be able to make these decisions pretty freely. We recognize it doesn’t always work out that way. We very well may not have been as fortunate with our business and not had it work out this way. That wouldn’t mean God would be any less good to us, or that we’d be responding in a different way.

Our goal——no matter our financial situation——is to be generous, because we have been shown generosity.

The great news, my friends, is that this same generosity and love is available to you! Jesus Christ was quite literally beaten and murdered for your sake. But the story, as we all know, is that death would not be the end of his story. Jesus rose again, proving that he was equally God as he was equally Man. It is in this miracle we find our comfort, joy, and life’s meaning.

If you want to know more about following Jesus, please reach out to us. No questions asked. This world kind of misses the point when the Jesus most people know is either a hippie-vibes Jesus or an eternal-damnation Jesus. Neither of those make a whole lot of sense out of context, so we’d love to shed some light on all of it.

It’s our hope that our generosity to you would affect you in a way that causes you to want to learn more. As we said earlier, our lives have completely been turned on their heads (for the better!) when we chose to follow Jesus. It’s not that we don’t have fears or doubts or worries anymore, or that life is going to be one big party the whole way through.

It’s what we know tohere’s more to it than all of that.